Inner Ear Brigade / Horse Lords / Denny Denny Breakfast

Inner Ear Brigade / Horse Lords / Denny Denny Breakfast
The Starry Plough3101 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, California 94705
Friday, May 20, 2016

Bay Area peoples, we are absolutely delighted to be hosting the Baltimore group Horse Lords on a two month tour for their most recent album. You will not want to miss these guys, the freshest sounds we’ve heard in a long time!

HORSE LORDS (From Baltimore on tour)

West African rhythms collide with just intonation guitars, art-fire saxophone, minimalist grooves, and collaged zapdowns on Interventions, the powerful third full-length from Baltimore’s Horse Lords. The band’s Northern Spy debut is also the first Horse Lords album to explore the classic studio-as-weaponry strategies of yore, mapping the quartet’s raw Baltimore lightning onto the experimental musique concrète territory surveyed by elder heads like Faust and This Heat.


Inner Ear Brigade (IEB) is an ensemble of musicians based in the San Francisco Bay Area who play a unique mix of progressive rock, free jazz, experimental pop, all delivered through their originally detailed compositions and arrangements. The music is “fun, happy, accessible, and proggy.” Steeped with a vintage analog sensibility, effects processing, and synthesizers, IEB crafts their sounds from “ RIO elements (Rock In Opposition), Canterbury (Sound), and Zappa”. IEB is Bill Wolter (guitar and compositions), Ivor Holloway (sax), Andrew Jamieson (keyboards), Steven Wright (bass), and Christopher Lauf (drums).


DennyDennyBreakfast (ddb) is the music project of Bob LaDue based in Oakland CA. The live band has a rotating set of members, and no 2 ddb shows are ever the same. Influenced by many things, pop music, death metal, cuban folkloric religious music and many other genres as well. All ddb music is available for at Bob enjoys making hummus, drinking sour beer, instrument building, rumba, rock climbing, zombies and much much more.